Friday, May 15, 2009

Most recent painting. Private commission. Watercolor on watercolor paper.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

8th International Church Art Competition

I just spent way too much time on the computer looking at some great artwork found on this site HERE.
I set a goal to enter this competition and started working on a piece for it. But with a few challenges that surfaced around that time I wasn't able to finish the piece how I liked and I was running out of time. So I entered this piece at the last minute just to fulfill my goal.

I took a photo that I used for this painting at a General Conference nearly 9 years ago. My dad was reading his scriptures while he waited in line for the General Priesthood meeting. There must have been a church photographer who took the exact same photo right before or after me because I later found the same photo in the Liahona magazine in the conference issue. Anyways I thought it was a great photo to paint but as I expected it didn't make the cut but at least I entered and I'm hoping and planning that next time I can devote more time on a better piece.

Here is another watercolor painting that I did around the same time from a photo I took at the Utah Heritage Park in SLC.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm attempting to paint my kids in watercolor. Watercolor seems to be a little less stressful and intimidating right now so it is my medium of choice(for now at least). This is Aubree at 16 months.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"The Temple, I'm Going There Someday"
Oil painting on sealed watercolor paper. Painted for Primary theme 2002. Published by Sounds of Zion.

"Little Helper" Oil on canvas painted from an old faded photo.

"Sailing Boats with Mom" Oil on canvas painted from a photo I took.

"My Family Can Be Forever" Oil on canvas. Painted for the 2004 Primary Theme. Published by Sounds of Zion

"Discovering Flowers" Oil on sealed watercolor paper. Painted from a photo I took.

Baby Paintings

These paintings measure 10" x 10" and are a mixed media completed with oil paint, pastel and a little colored pencil on sealed watercolor paper. One can't help but paint their firstborn a lot. This is my Makenna at different ages. Completed in 2000-2001.